Vacancy control engineer

Vacancy Control Engineer in Utrecht


About Shipborn

As a subsidiary company of GBS International, Shipborn is a young shipyard located in Nieuwegein building luxury sailing yachts for the high-end market. The focus of our shipyard is to produce high-tech sailing yachts capable of full autonomy. Currently, construction is underway on the TC90. A 90-foot sailing yacht focusing on a classical wooden interior design.

Vacancy control engineer Utrecht

The goal

The first implementation of autonomy will manifest itself as an automated parking system. To achieve this, one needs to be able to accurately pre- dict the ship’s motion and subsequently know the actions it needs to take to autonomously park. Your work focuses on first arguing which modelling technique lends itself well to this challenge followed by building the dynamical model using the method of choice. Once a dynamical model has been found, find a controller that is able to control the system within given certain weather conditions and initial variables.


This dynamical system and controller can then be tested and verified on a small scale model of the boat that we have at the company. From there on, we expect you to be able to argue that your dynamical model will function in full scale as well.

Vacancy control engineer Utrecht


​This position requires a strong, critical and independent candidate. During this project we expect you to learn at a rapid pace the deeper mechanics of a ship’s motion and to provide solid reasoning as to why your modelling technique has provided good results in the past (literature) and will provide good results when we test it in the end. You will be able to defend and justify your choices at every step of the design process against critical questions. At the end of the day, we expect you to be(come) an expert in ship dynamics and control. As background, we expect you to have MSc level knowledge in most of the following subjects:

  • Fluid Dynamics

  • Dynamical Systems • Control Systems

  • Programming


We also ask you to have experience with or want to learn about Matlab and Simulink. Beyond these two direct requirements, we also ask of you to want to learn some auxiliary skills regarding the use of linux, programming in C/C++ (If you prefer, python3 is also possible) and finally using ROS2 and git.

note: it is not required to have all the listed skills, we do not expect a starter to posses this many skills that early in his/her career. However, a desire to fill your gaps in knowledge is a requirement instead. We will teach you the rest.

Vacancy control engineer Utrecht

Our offer

We will provide you with a RC-model of our TC90 sailing yacht. This will function as your testing platform and for validation purposes of your dynamical model. Later on, after having designed a controller, then the RC-model will also feed your controller localisation data. Other general provisions on top of a salary include an office desk with a computer, travel allowance and unlimited coffee.

Finally, we will provide you with a complete blank slate. We build the dynamical model together and the controller.

This work is done with one more control engineer who is currently working at Shipborn. He will work with you side-by-side in developing this dy- namical model and controller. In case of problems, questions or casual conversation, you will always have a team member to talk to and to support you.

Vacancy control engineer Utrecht

The team

The team consists of 5 full-time employees and a hand full of interns or part-timers. All of whom are in their twenties. All the people working at the company are very into sailing, windsurfing or kite-surfing.

Your colleague is a TU-Delft Electrical Engineering graduate who specialised into control systems and is now a full-time employee of Shipborn.

Greetings and hopefully see you soon,

Team Shipborn

Applying for this job

The challenge might of course be subject to change. You will have a strong say in the flow of this project. You are free express your views and preferred methods. We can work out all the details together.

Please send your application with motivation along with your CV to:


Jerome Dirven
Project Leader 


Your future colleague:

Deniz Hofmeister
Electrical Engineer